NYCPODCASTING is one of the very few locations available in NYC that offers multiple studio options.  All with full multi-camera video, live calls, video call ins, green screens, 360 cameras, Telestration and more!

If you can conceptualize it, we can do it for you. Plus we also can take the mystery out of getting your show done. Offering turn-key solutions to get your podcast up and running. Then it’s up to you – you can continue to use our studios – or we can help you set yourself up, so that you can make your show with the knowledge that you can do it all on your own.

We can take over as much or as little of your work-load that you’d like – even if you just want to show up and talk, we can do that!  A 2-camera style show, a large room for a big group, an intimate setting, a remote location  – whatever you want… NYCPODCASTING has a solution for you.